Birther Chris Matthews Attacks “Birther” Navy Seal For Practicing His 1st Amendment Right

Obama’s birth certificate is the “Emperor’s New Clothes” of modern politics. You are either going to believe something that has never been proven, or you are stupid.

Not one person thinks that Obama’s mother thought that he was going to be president so she lied to get him an American citizenship, thinking it would someday qualify him to be president. Not one person!

Why does the keep saying this?

I live in an area that is overrun with Mexican illegals, who are constantly putting birth notices in the local news paper, hoping that they can later use this as proof that their Mexican born infant was actually born in one of our local hospitals. Does Matthews really think that these parents are trying to dupe the system because they think that their kid might someday run for president? Give me a break.

As of right now the only proof we have that Obama was born in the United States is a birth announcement from a local newspaper in Hawaii. That is it. He has never released a hard copy of his birth certificate. All he has released is a ridiculously amateur  looking digital counterfeit that looks like it was spliced together by Forest Gump. As usual Matthews is all wet.

Look how confused Matthews is on the subject.  Watch as he catches himself trying to pass off Obama’s “Certificate of Live Birth” as an actual birth certificate.

First he says that Obama has released it, and then a few months later he is  saying “I don’t know why he just don’t release it.” At one point he must be lying because he is contradicting himself.

Although it would take only seconds to verify that this videos timeline is accurate, I know that it is on the up-n-up because I made it. Straight-up lies like this are the reason NBC’s ratings are in the tank, and the reason you are here looking for some semblance of truth.

Look this is not going to change the outcome of the election, so it is kind of a mute point. But he is not going to piss down my leg and tell me it is raining. And he is not going to call me stupid for stating the obvious.

Prediction: Write this down some place.

In twenty or thirty years the truth will come out, and I believe the truth is that Obama is covering something up.

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