Rush Limbaugh Said It Was Going To Happen, The Football Will Kill You Crusade Begins

Yep, the war on football has begun. The liberals are not going to be happy until they rid us of this all American sport, and get us following something more third world.

WaznmentobeFootball is bad for the chhiiiiillldren..

(AP) – Yes, we’re ready for some football!

Just as long as it’s not our children playing that barbaric game.

On any given day, a new report seems to emerge about some ex-player who no longer knows what planet he’s on because of all the blows he took on the gridiron. Most of us are familiar with someone who’s walking proof — if they can still walk — of the damage caused by those Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays: the 40-year-old with the crippled knees of someone twice his age; the middle-aged guy who can no longer stand up straight because he spent too much time using his body as a battering ram.

Limbaugh: NFL Beware! You Are Now Joe Camel

The only thing that Rush missed is this audio, is that libs have two front assault going against American sports. Not only are they flat out attacking them — as Rush points out — but they are actively trying to cram soccer and other European sports down our throats.

I have no doubt that he will touch on it eventually. This is what I love about Rush; he is not afraid to point out the obvious.

Liberals LOVE SOCCER because it has nothing to do with the good old red white and blue. It is the sport of third world communist and European socialist, and moonbat liberals (queers) would love nothing more than to integrate it into America’s DNA.

Remember ESPN is own by Disney who has a well-documented history of being a champion of liberal causes… Keep Reading

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