Abort! Abort!

It was a real fluke of luck for Democrats when Republican senatorial candidate Todd Akin declared that there’s no need to have legal abortions for rape victims because victims of “legitimate rape” don’t get pregnant – a statement so mind-bogglingly stupid that experts are still trying to figure out how it didn’t come out of Joe Biden’s mouth.

Which is why pro-abortion activist Sandra “I spend more money on birth control than NASA spent to reach Mars” Fluke has been dragged out of bed and shoved back into the spotlight to become Barack Obama’s spokeswoman for good old fashioned fetacide.

Fluke, whose name rhymes with her favorite pasttime, put her name on a fundraising letter for Obama in which she declares that Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan are “in lockstep with Akin on all the major women’s health issues of our time,” assuming that the only major health issues in women’s lives are having taxpayer-funded sex more frequently than Old Faithful blows and getting easy access to abortions.

And why do they need so many abortions? Because while Akin was too dumb to make the connection between rape and pregnancy, the Democrats have still failed to make the connection between pregnancy and sexual intercourse.

Meanwhile, the Democrats are so thrilled at the opportunity to pull their discredited “War on Women” meme back out of the mothballs, they’re actually restructuring the upcoming Democratic Presidential Convention to feature Fluke and other activist speakers and be a wall-to-wall celebration of abortion. Because in their minds, next to Obama’s record on the economy, even killing babies looks good.

Over 200 years ago, Benjamin Franklin observed that in this world, “nothing can be certain except death and taxes.” Little could he have imagined that in 2012, the Democrats would make those words of warning into their party platform.

And you won’t die from abortion. Someone else will.

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