Depressed Liberals Are Turning To Alcohol: Obama Leading The Drunken Stupor

The beer petition signatures over at have doubled in the past 24 hours for the famous homebrewed White House Honey Ale. The same brew that has kept the Moonbat Mesiah in a glass-eyed drunken stupor for the last three and a half years.

What amazes me is that they haven’t quadrupled with Romney gaining ground in all of the key battleground states. I know that it must be depressing to be a liberal right now, but drinking will just compound their problems. Besides,  how does pickling your liver play into Mooch’s healthy food initiative?

Obama’s chemical dependency doesn’t seem to be much of a concern over at Obama Foodocommie. I guess they must consider it an improvement from snorting cocaine and chain-smoking Kool.

Obama Foodorama – Signatures almost double in 24 hours. The number of signatures on the White House homebrewed beer recipe petition shot up on Friday, going from 4,802 signatures in the morning to 8,050 signatures by late evening. The action came on the heels of Press Secretary Jay Carneyannouncing on Thursday that the White House will release a recipe for White House Honey Ale if the petition achieves the required threshold of 25,000 signatures.

He is probably still slipping around and doing all three, which would explain why the county is circling the drain. It is hard to boost job creation half drunk and on the golf course.

All of this begs this question: Is Obama A Drunk, And Should He Be Getting Pickled On The Job? My answer is yes, if he does it in moderation. Which begs another question: Is Obama drinking in moderation?

A simple Google Image search on “Obama drinking” should answer that question. The man is spending half of his time on the golf course, and the other half drunker than Cooter Brown!

I didn’t realize just how bad his problem was until I saw those hundreds of pics of him hitting the sauce.

Sad isn’t it?

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  1. Dohtimes says:

    Answer: Yes

    Question: Is this my beer or urine?

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