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Now that football season is finally here and fans everywhere are gearing up for the NFL fantasy draft, this archived image was too good not to re-post. Original post by Dave Blount

Remember JaMarcus Russell? From Wikipedia:

JaMarcus Trenell Russell (born August 9, 1985) is an American football quarterback who is currently a free agent. Russell played college football for the LSU Tigers where he finished 21-4 as a starter and was named MVP of the 2007 Sugar Bowl. The Oakland Raiders selected Russell with the first overall pick of the 2007 NFL Draft. Russell held out until the Raiders signed him to a contract worth $61 million with $32 million guaranteed. In three seasons with the Raiders, Russell finished 7-18 as a starter before his release on May 6, 2010.

Where did people get the idea that a kid who had never played at the professional level was worth $61 million? Possibly the same place they dug up the notion that a community organizer with only a couple of years experience as a Senate backbencher was a fit candidate for President of the USA.

Michael J. O’Shea tried to warn us way back in August 2008:

And with the number one pick in this year’s NFL draft… JaMarcus Russell.

Who may turn out to be worth his $60 million contract. But maybe not. Sort of like electing Barack Obama and hoping he doesn’t turn out to be a Ryan Leif. Or Tim Couch. Or David Carr.

JaMarcus Russell, at 6-6 and 260, sure looks like a pro quarterback, and Barack Obama sure wows reporters as a “gifted politician.” But “gifted campaigner” is more apt. A politician, like a quarterback, is judged on results, not promise. And, when it comes to results, Obama’s record is, to be gentle, lean.

Now Obama has a record: of easily predictable failure.

The Oakland Raiders are out tens of $millions. America is out $trillions — and counting. But no matter how much we pay for it, we never seem to learn the lesson: don’t believe the hype.

Original post by Dave Blount

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