Nevins Small Business Pledge – small business owners pledging to create a new job the day Romney swears in

This guy has such a great idea that I have decided to see if I could help him get it started.


Russell Nevins  – I am Chief of Surgery at one of the largest hospitals in Las Vegas and lucky enough to be a small business owner. I am by no means independently wealthy, nor have any desire to pad a Swiss bank account on the back of anyone, even “the middle class”.

The  introduction is based on a letter I sent to Bill O’Reilly. This explains the purpose of this web site.

I believe I can help Romney get elected. I call it the “Nevins Small Business Pledge”. I, as a small business owner, am pledging to create a new job the day Romney swears in. I can do this from my taxes I won’t have to pay if Obama is elected again.


I believe we can get 100,000 plus other small businesses to do the same in the next 60 days.

My website to make the same pledge is up and can now be seen but won’t be running until Monday or Tuesday.

Please, Please help me make this proactive way of showing liberals that trickle-down economics works. In addition, 100,000 plus new private sector jobs may sway undecided independents.  Please see my website (google won’t be able to get you there until it is running) Thank you! —

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UPDATE: Thanks BigFurHat for the link

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11 Responses to Nevins Small Business Pledge – small business owners pledging to create a new job the day Romney swears in

  1. Kern says:

    I’ve been keeping a list of items I’ve put off buying and will be purchasing on November 7th if Romney wins.

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  5. Dr. Nevins: Just a few questions: Will this be a full-time or part-time job? Will the job pay a living wage, as opposed to a minimum wage? Does the job include benefits: medical and dental, paid sick days, paid vacation? Any 401k plans?

    Just want to know if it would be worth moving out there.

    Yours sincerely,

    • Daq says:

      Geez. I guess your ‘qualifications’ in life must far
      outshadow anthing the good doctor can find there, what with all those lesser
      qualified beings in that 11-12% unemployment market?

      Would you also like to be picked up at the border by limo
      and taken to your free living accomodations?

      • What are you talking about? I NEED a decent-paying job, hopefully with benefits. Of course, if Dr. Nevins will be looking for someone with medical training, then I’m out of luck. But a living wage is just that. A minimum wage will not cover room and board, unless there’s an area “dorm” for cranky middle-aged women (actually, not a bad idea).

  6. ColoradoTim says:

    Their web site doesn’t seem to be working correctly. But I’m down 2 staffers, and I strongly believe that a wave of optimism will overtake the country when Mitt is elected. I can’t wait, because I’m sick of the malaise that is going on right now. It won’t change if Obama stays in. He is saying nothing of what he’d do, except to make the situation worse by raising taxes.

  7. charliewalksonwater says:

    I’m in.   I’ll probably have to hire another person because of all the new business i will get.

  8. PISSED says:

    Hi BC thanks for stopping by. I saw this here earlier. I will repost it on Monday :)

    All the best!


    • conservativeBC says:

      Thanks Pissed… I am a sucker for stuff like this, but I think this may take off if the right people see it.

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