Attention Anglers! – Let’s Go Beat Up On Obama

Here is a chance to sway some votes! Some of these people have not read a paper in twenty years. They are very sharp, but not everyone keeps up with politics.

Go give Obummer hell before some liberal dip gets his say.


In Fisherman – Sportsmen Vote is creating a custom survey for the presidential candidates based on your questions. This is your chance to ask the Barack Obama and Mitt Romney anything related to fishing. Topics can include public access, fishing area closures, the threat to ban lead sinkers/lures or any other fishing-related questions you might have.

If you could ask the presidential candidates any fishing question, what would it be? Please ask your question in the comment section below.) Go here to comment

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"That's baseball, and it's my game. Y' know, you take your worries to the game, and you leave 'em there. You yell like crazy for your guys. It's good for your lungs, gives you a lift, and nobody calls the cops. Pretty girls, lots of 'em."
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One Response to Attention Anglers! – Let’s Go Beat Up On Obama

  1. Rick Lakehomer says:

    Just in case my comment that I posted was too insensitive here it is:

    “Do you practice catch and release with illegal aliens too?”

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