Don’t swing your balls or you’ll swamp the boat!

I don’t want to hear anymore speeches from Chris Christi. I have had it with him and his kind taking up airspace from true conservatives.  I have had it with the GOP establishment bullying the American people – they are worse than liberals.

At least with liberals you know what you have. They are not saying what we want to hear, and then trotting back to Washington and voting liberal like Krispy Kreme. He talks a good game, but he  is a freaking liberal! What did he do to stop Obama Care? How did he vote on the illegal alien issue?

This has got to stop. Conservatives are going to have to rise up this November, and put real constitutional conservatives in the house in senate, or the liberals are going to win.

Move that fat ass out of the way Christie! And,  “don’t swing your balls or you’ll swamp the boat!” – George Washington

“In an army that hasn’t eaten in three months, it’s damn near treason to be fat.”


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