2016 Can We Afford Obama’s America?

But you see, a rich country like America can perhaps afford to be stupid.

The above quote is taken from Obama’s Dreams From My Father. The book he published in 1995 as he began his political career. Five years prior he had been elected the first African-American President of Harvard’s Law review, the book was re-published in 2004 two weeks after Obama gave the keynote address at the DNC convention which launched him to where he sits today.

When 2016 Obama’s America opened I knew I had take my parents to see Dinesh D’Souza’s eye opening documentary 2016 Obama’s America, a movie that every person who is considering voting in the up coming Presidential election should see. On the outside the premise appears to be anti-Obama but because it gives a clear insight as to who the man really is and from where he is from and the people that helped mode the man who now resides as our 44th President. D’Souza has managed to delve into his past and do the job that the media has failed to do.

We see Barack Obama as a man who is still seeking approval from a father he barely knew, a pain that was evident by seeing the reenactment of Barack at the grave of his father. We get a glimpse into how he was raised and shipped from continent to continent and a glimpse of the men who filled the void of an absentee father. Men like Frank Davis, Bill Ayers, Edward Said, Jeremiah Wright and Roberto Unger. All controversial men in their own right. Each of them shaping and molding Obama’s Marxist ideologies.

If reelected to another four years it is likely that Obama will only continue to dismantle America that he views as “too rich” and “too powerful” in the world today. It is evident by his refusing the Keystone pipe line which would have created jobs that are so desperately needed. His desire to weaken our military and reduce the number of arms we have have to protect ourselves. Obama Sr. had the mindset that we should be taxed at 100% and that it was the government who would give us what “they” deemed necessary for us to live and get by.

For America to survive it is imperative that we reign in those bent on her destruction and elect those who vow to govern by the principles set forth by our Founding Father’s and not of those of Obama’s. As Dinesh so poignantly stated near the end of the documentary that it is up to …YOU

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