Hey Melissa Harris-Perry, If You Want Mobility In Class Help Us Boot Obama

After MSNBC’s brain-dead host Melissa Harris-Perry had her on-air meltdown, I thought it might be useful to fact check what she was spewing.


Her major talking point was class mobility. “Without it we are not America. Class mobility is at an all time low.”  Bla bla bla…

Okay, well why is that?

For one there are not as many positions available that are capable of moving people from one class to another. Obama’s war on the coal, gas, and oil industries has cost millions of jobs. Look at what he did to the keystone pipeline. It is his fault that these potentially class changing jobs never materialized.

It is the same in all areas of the job market.  His out of control spending — and resulting dept — has stopped America’s class shifting,  job making mechanism in it’s tracks — Obama’s fault!

The other reason not as many people are climbing the steps upward to higher class status is that they are happy getting their government check. Obama has done such a fine job in creating an entitlement culture that people have no motivation to improve their class.


Why would someone want to work and study when they can just piss and moan about the rich, and Obama will get them a bigger welfare check? 

These people don’t need a safety net, they need to run out of taxpayer supplied beer money so they are forced to work — Obama’s fault yet again.

And finally, she is just all wrong about Americans not enjoying any class mobility lately. More people have moved to the cheese line than in anytime since the great depression.

So there’s your problem right there Miss Harris-Perry — Obama! You move Barry’s butt back to Kenya, and you will have your class mobility.

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