Not Voting For Romney?

I heard it said by a few that they could never vote for Romney — I hear them.

As a Christian I understand the uneasiness concerning his Mormonism. As a constitutional conservative I admit that we had much better choices. As someone who wants to beat up on Barry, Mitt’s lukewarm thumb pointing limp-wrist attacks make me want to kick a puppy. I get it. I am not saying I agree, but I understand.

But here is where these people are wrong. Their presidential vote is not for or against Romney. Hell, it is not even for or against Obama. When they are pulling that lever — or not — they will be casting a vote directly for or against those three Marxist supreme court judges Obama will appoint if elected. A no vote is a vote.

Sarah Palin, Newt Gingrich, or Ron Paul are not going to enter as a third-party candidate — not happening. If that is what you are hoping for you need to up your medication. It is down to Romney and Mitt, like it or not.

If you are Christian, realize that three conservative judges could overturn Roe Vs Wade if it comes up. Your no vote could be a yes vote for abortion.

You are either with us or against us.

If that doesn’t convince you then I have no choice but to unleash Fuzzy on you.

Wow! Remind me not to ever fuzz her up.


Fuzzy Rant – The supreme sense of their own importance makes the “principled” ones infuriating. [--let me interrupt this rant to note that I don't mean all Ron Paul supporters and certainly not all libertarians, just the fringe ones who turn off the rest of us with their looniness] Like most self-centered people, they care only about themselves, their principles, their useless, pointless, self-indulgent “stand.” It’s ignorant, sure, but I’ve come to believe that it’s mostly arrogance. How else do you explain people who see the devastation that 0 has wrought in four years and think it’s better to have him win another destructive four years than to vote for Mitt Romney, the only person who has a chance of defeating him? How else do you explain someone whose principles dictate that they collude in the destruction of our republic so that they can strut around declaring that they didn’t “sell out”? What will they be strutting amongst? The wreckage of America. A totalitarian nightmare that they’d rather see our countrymen and women endure than vote for someone who isn’t pitch perfect, lockstep in line with their view of our republic (a view, I should note, that I do not share . . . nor do the majority of American non-leftists as evidenced by Mitt Romney’s nomination. But they know best, these Paulbots).

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    Aw, you could never fuzz me up :D

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