The Truth Hurts

UPDATE – Thank You BFH @ IOTW for the link

I don’t usually edit these guy’s threads, but more from Stilton here.

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10 Responses to The Truth Hurts

  1. Coronagold says:

     Pipes of mein father.

  2. Flerndorf says:

    Hey, abandoning the family is part of their culture! That makes you a ………


  3. jclady says:


  4. BaconHotline says:

    My compliments to the chef.

  5. Bijou says:

     Oooooh…excrutiatingly clever!
    Is that a crack pipe?

  6. charliewalksonwater says:

    shared…!!!   The BEST so far.

  7. FlatFoot says:

    OH. EMM. GEE.

    Pure awesome. BAHAHAHAHAHA

    Almost did a spit-take across the keyboard and monitor. It’s a keeper!

  8. Cheesy says:


  9. Spon says:

    Mega snort worthy

  10. conservativeBC says:


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