Rush: ‘A Sobering Day’ Obama Told He Can’t Fill ”Black Panther’ Stadium

They probably couldn’t fill it because white people were afraid to show up.

I don’t understand what these people have against white men? It is crazy.They
have turned the largest group of people in the United States into the Boogie Man.

“Time” Reporter on MSNBC: At the Democratic Convention, “I Didn’t See a White Guy Basically Until I Got to the ‘Mormons for Obama’ Group” – Video 9/5/12

Freedom’s Lighthouse – Here is video of “Time Magazine” reporter Joel Stein on MSNBC where he pointed out that he spend the entire day at the Democratic Convention yesterday going to various group meetings and said “I didn’t see a white guy basically until I got to the “Mormons for Obama” group. There are not a lot of white people – white men – on display here.”

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