Real Obama Girl Song Writer A Stringy Haired Moonbat – Still Crushing

Everything about Obama is fake, even his fans are Astr-Turf.

Right Wing-Nut -The famed “Obama Girl” of 2008 – Amber Lee Ettinger (at left), the busty sensation who lip-synched her love for The One – has exited stage right(!), seemingly embarrassed by her former paramour.

But the girl who actually wrote the song, Leah Kauffman, is still deeply in love. And so she has recorded the sequel, this time starring…herself.

Absolutely brutal:

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  • Thelma Lou

    That may be one the most disturbingly creepy things I have ever watched, not just the vocalist but the back-up ‘dancers,’ both male and female. Just wrong on so many levels… sigh what a culture we live in.