New (hilarious!) additions to the Obama Presidential Library

The Obama Library

Update “Bumped” – Click link above to go the cool site (or visit their site linked below)  that is archiving all the best nobama art from great bloggers like:

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Here is one I did a few months ago, but it doesn’t have the logo so I guess I will make another.

Take the top pic and make a funny entry – I will post it here, plus it will be posted on the other sites as well.  We have a smaller crowd here, but I am sure that we can compete with the big sites.’

Leave a link to your pic in the comment box…  Keep the pic size 600 by 449 — original art only.

***** entries

BC’s full archived gallery of pics here

Jimmy Z’s

JZ’s big arm Mooch found online — source unknown.

From Zappatrust




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