SURPRISE! Anti-Islam Filmmaker BILL MAHER Might Be The Cause Of The Brutal Murders Of Four Americans

If Obama is going to blame the Islamist attacks on a Youtube video that was released months before the killings, then the liberal dew claw* Bill Maher and his film attacking the Muslim religion has to share in the responsibility.

Will Obama give back the million dollars that Maher donated to his campaign?

Breitbart – Blame the movie. Even though “the movie” was on YouTube for months prior to the collective indignation of thousands of Middle Eastern Islamists all coming together on the eleventh anniversary of September 11th (through a wild coincidence, no doubt), we are being told by our government and our media overlords that we must blame the movie… Keep Reading

* Dew Claw – There but doesn’t serve any real purpose, but to get in the way.

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