Rush Limbaugh: Obama Gets ‘Fawning Anal Poisoning’ From Letterman

Rush – Last night while we’re on the verge of defeat in Afghanistan, while preparing to go before the world and once again lie and frighten everybody that the planet is dying and only we can save it by making ourselves poorer, Obama stopped by the Late Show with David Letterman, and Letterman was in full anal poisoning mode, meaning if he keeps this up he’s going to die of it. He said, “I think you’re being eloquent and generous, but I think when people show up to voice their opinions, there is a certain expectation of behavior on them as well.” In other words, Letterman is saying, these people criticizing you, they should be as eloquent and generous as you are… Keep Reading

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  1. DXRINC says:

    the first flaming FAG president

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