The Obama Foodcommie Posts The Seating Chart For Last ‘Dinner with Barack’

I would rather dig my eyeball out of it’s socket with a rusty nail than to have to sit in on this circle jerk with the Moonbat Messiah.

Hey I wonder if since Obama didn’t pay as much percentage wise in taxes as Mitt Romney if he will give a personal tip to the cook?

Obama Foodcommie – Continuing this week’s onslaught of emails about the sixth and final Dinner with Barack contest, Deputy Campaign Manager Julianna Smoot on Saturday sent supporters a scribbled seating chart for President Obama’s upcoming party.  Smoot has plenty of experience with seating arrangements:  She served for about a year as the President’s second Social Secretary before joining the re-election effort from Chicago HQ.

“We’re already figuring out the seating arrangements for the last Dinner with Barack of this campaign,” Smoot wrote with a request for a $5 donation.  “Two of these seats could be yours.”

Smoot has gotten a bit casual with her seating charts, however:  Check out this utra-fancy seating chart she emailed to supporters for the 2011 ‘Dinner with Barack and Michelle’ contest.

Three winners and their guests will join the President for the last supper… Keep Reading

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