Obama Samples Wisconsin’s Finest Meats At ‘Usinger’s Deli’ & ‘Milwaukee Brat House’

Larry Sinclair erected to help the Milwaukee meat men out with this dirty job, saying that he had the most experience in this department.


Obama FoodCommie – During double meat n’ greet, President snacks on sausage and a hot bratwurst sandwich… Stumping in Milwaukee, Wisconsin on Saturday, President Obama made a “surprise” 15-minute visit to Usinger’s Deli, where he sampled some of the wares before purchasing a kielbasa, an Italian sausage, and a hot sausage. The 3:45 PM meat n’ greet also included a few moments of offal interaction with his press pool, whom Mr. Obama declared “cheapskates” before debating the price of the deli delights with a correspondent. (Above: Employees offer the President a sausage sample)

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