How much is a scrawny @ssed pakistani worth, on the “open” market? …

summer patriot, winter soldier – pakistani railway commissioner ghulam ahmad bilour offered payment in the amount of $100,000 to any person who kills the man responsible for making the 14-minute film that has all the rest of the ragheads all worked up into a homicidal lather. (not that it takes so very much to work them into a homicidal lather … much the way i feel after watching an episode of “sponge bob squarepants,” i suppose.)

apparently he also asked the taliban or the al queda to carry out the killing, from which i infer that as an infidel i would not be eligible for payment should i carry out the killing. is that not discrimination on religious grounds, somehow? the aclu should look into it, or maybe the southern poverty law center.

as a gratuitous aside, the graft business working as a governmental functionary in pakistan must be pretty good, if this guy can afford to scrape up the money out of his personal petty cash fund to offer such a bounty.

but, the whole thing has got me to thinking, … Keep Reading

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