NFL Source: No deal for refs in lockout -

ESPN – Negotiators for the NFL and the NFL Referees Association met until 2 a.m. ET Wednesday in an attempt to iron out their differences in a months-long lockout but did not reach a deal, a source said. League owners are not willing to compromise further and differences remain on several issues, including pensions for the officials and the process by which the NFL evaluates referees, the source said. The officials work about 36 hours a week — nearly full-time — and pension benefits have become an important issue to them. It would probably cost each team about $100,000 to settle the pension issue. The sides are expected to talk again Wednesday, though it’s not clear whether those will be face-to-face meetings or simply the passing of information between the sides. NFL Players Association executive director DeMaurice Smith reiterated in an interview Wednesday with “CBS This Morning” that the NFL’s lockout of its officials presents a safety issue for the players. “When you take a group of officials who have a… Keep Reading

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