Lindsay Lohan tussles with (Rep) congressional staffer in Manhattan hotel room over cellphone photos, tells cops he choked her

Daily News

Another day, another Lindsay Lohan drama.

The “Mean Girls” actress mixed it up with a starstruck congressional staffer in her Manhattan hotel early Sunday — and now both of them are facing charges.

Cops say Lohan took Christian LaBella’s cell phone so she could delete dozens of pictures and videos of her partying — and he got physical with her trying to get it back.

After Lohan called the cops, LaBella, who works for an Illinois Republican, was initially charged with misdemeanor assault for Sunday’s blowup at the W Hotel Union Square.

But law enforcement sources said the assault rap will be dropped — and LaBella, 25, and Lohan, 26, will both be hit with low-level harassment violations.

It would be Lohan’s second legal scrape in as many weeks, coming on the heels of her arrest for leaving the scene of a minor car accident.

“She’s very shaken up,” Lohan’s mother, Dina, told the Daily News Sunday afternoon as she comforted the troubled starlet. “Thank God he didn’t have a weapon.”

Lohan met LaBella — who is from Valley Village, Calif., but has been working in Washington — during her night hanging out at Double Seven and 1Oak.
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