New York Jets Owner Id Rather Romney Win Election Than Jets Win Games


The morning after his New York Jets took a severe beating from the San Francisco 49ers, team owner Woody Johnson told Bloomberg TV’s Market Makers that he’d like to see Republican candidate Mitt Romney win the presidency more than he’d like to see the Jets have a winning season. Mediaite Co-host Stephanie Ruhle asked Johnson: “What is a bigger priority to you right now: a winning season for the Jets or a winning election for Mitt Romney?”

“You always have to put country first,” the New Jersey-born Jets owner responded. He continued on to explain that thwarting a deficit crisis is more important to him than winning football games: “I think it is very important that —not only for us, but for, in particular, our kids and grandkids —that this election come off with Mitt Romney and Ryan as president and vice president.”

Johnson has long been an outspoken Republican, donating and hosting million-dollar fundraisers for various GOP presidential candidates over the years. Watch Video

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