Video: Jon Stewart On Media Hypocrisy And The School Lunch ‘Controversy’

Hypocrisy? You mean blasting this “Let’s Move” dipshittery all over the news, and generally making a big deal out of it until it became an embarrassment, and then calling people hypocrites for making a big deal out of poking fun at the people who were making a big deal out of it in the first place?

Geeze! They even have a moonbat site run by some spaced out Obama zombie, that is totally dedicated to making a big deal out of the Mooch’s piss ignorant BS.

Jon Stewart doesn’t even realize that he is totally missing the point? The point being that the real hypocrisy is that the Mooch — in between scarfing down double cheeseburgers — is pitching her Hitler Youth Camp let’s move crap to our kids, while carting around an ass that looks like two young hogs fighting in a tow-sack.


I wonder if they are having to eat this garbage in the private school that her kids are attending?

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