Palin Is Right – Look For Chicago Thuggery

It is obvious that Obama is not going to be able to hang with Mittens in a fair fight. He is just too damn stupid. This is not news to us, but it must come as a shock to his chair sniffers.

So now that they know that they can’t win a debate, start looking for some horse heads on some silk sheets. I think it is about to get ugly — not just ugly, but Mooch Obama’s fat a$$ U-G-L-Y.

In Tingles’ post debate meltdown he was screaming, “Obama should watch MSNBC, he should watch us!” He is right, Obama should do something after the shellacking he received last night, but I am not sure that watching those idiots is sound advice? However, It may prove to be a good plan for Romney.

I can’t think of a better place for Mitt to get informed on Obama’s talking points this next go-around than Obama’s state run propaganda machine.

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