Stewart: ‘Deeply Divided Nation’ Has Agreed On Something – Obama’s Debate Performance Sucked

Wait a minute ! Why is he calling Romney a liar when all of the fact checkers are saying that it was Obama who was telling the whoppers?

He is doing what SNL does so well. Hitting Obama on the obvious to seem above the fray, and then driving home his real message — Romney is a liar.

This is what Saturday Night Live did to Sarah Palin. They hit Obama just enough to try to appear neutral, suckering in the more gullible, but their overall theme was that she is a dumbass.

Don’t be fooled by these people. They are liberal, and they have an agenda. If you find yourself tickled about what they are saying about a lib, realize that is just them giving you a reach-around so you won’t notice the business going on behind.


Tonight on The Daily Show, Jon Stewart declared that this “deeply divided nation” has finally agreed on something, President Obama gave a bad performance at last night’s debate, to put it mildly. Stewart was amazed at how Mitt Romney was so easily able to claim a rhetorical victory over the president despite, as Stewart pointed out, the Republican challenger throwing out a number of lies during the debate. Stewart also targeted moderator Jim Lehrer for his poor performance, suggesting it was due to a Quantum Leap-style infection of Lehrer’s body. Stewart marveled at how Obama lost despite Romney’s odd comments about his willingness to cut funding for PBS and Big Bird, whom Stewart deemed “America’s favorite non-fried bird.”

Stewart couldn’t figure out why Obama did not look up at Romney that much, until he cut to the president writing a naked picture of Romney a la Rose in Titanic.

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