Chris Matthews Is An Reader?

Either Obama’s Big Bird attack ad was so obviously “Mickey Mouse” that even a dip like Mathews can see it, or he is expanding his vocabulary by reading good old BC.

Here is my description of the video yesterday morning :


Here is what Tingles said last night, as reported on the Blaze… Video at link…

Chris Matthews Slams Obama Campaign’s Big Bird Attack Ad: ‘This I Think Is Mickey Mouse’

It is no secret that MSNBC’s Chris Matthews is a supporter of President Barack Obama. In fact, the host even admitted that he is “known as an Obama supporter” on his show last week — and that‘s why it’s newsworthy anytime Matthews criticizes the president, which is rare.

On Tuesday, Matthews hosted a panel to discuss the Obama campaign’s new “Big Bird” attack ad that criticizes GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney‘s pledge to cut funding for PBS made during last week’s presidential debate.

“You would think the Obama campaign would want to start looking forward toward the V.P. debate this week and the two remaining presidential debates. Today, the Obama camp released this ad, again going back to Romney’s line in the debate about Big Bird,” Matthews said.

“This, I think, is Mickey Mouse,” he added before playing the ad.

The attack ad mocks Romney by sarcastically claiming the Republican is willing to go after America’s real enemies, meaning Big Bird. Even Matthews found the attack childish and ineffective.

“Please god just for a minute… be independent minded and answer this question: Is that the right way to go in this crucial last month to be focusing on Big Bird?” Matthews asked Democratic strategist Bob Shrum.

“No, it’s not,” Shrum replied. “We should be talking about who is going to save Medicare not who is going to save Big Bird.”

“One of the few times I will say Ditto,” former Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele said.

While Matthews admitted “there is a way through really good sarcasm to make fun of the other side,” he said the Obama campaign was not successful with the Big Bird attack….

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