Deep Blue – High-Tech Computer Predicts That Romney Is Going To Hand Obama His A$$

The liberals are going to turn a deep shade of blue when they discover that a computer that has accurately predicted every election since 1980 has spit out an election map prediction that hardly has any blue on it at all.

Science favors the more wonkish republicans.

Gerri Willis Daily – Back in August we told you about two Colorado University professors whose fancy computer program predicted every presidential contest winner since 1980. The secret to the research, they say, is in understanding the Electoral College; better known as the “electors” we elect to elect our president.

Of course, in 2000, the electorate played a critical role when it chose President George W. Bush while Al Gore won the popular vote.

Now the professors, Michael Berry and Kenneth Bickers, have estimated back in August that Romney would run away with the election, taking virtually every swing state. They’ve now updated their research to show (drum roll please) that the former Massachusetts governor does even better… Read more

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