Coal Miners Ask Obama “Why Would You Lie?”

I have to ask you coal miners why you were dumb enough to believe him in the first place?

Hell he is on tape saying that he wants to kill the coal industry, and you dumb bastards ran down and stamped the donkey anyway.

They fed you full of that union propaganda bullshit didn’t they? Now you are going to end up in the cheese line, and the rest of us are going to suffer the rest of our damn lives – all because of your stupidity.

Yea those Dems are really for the working man aren’t they? Glad to know you finally pulled your heads out of your asses.

Checks Balances – After 4 years of decimating the coal industry with radical liberal policies, Obama is now trying to pretend he cares what happens to miners and their families. But just as his concern is a lie, so is the ad he is running to tell it. In a recent ad, Obama accuses miners of being “props” at a Romney event. The miners are standing up to Obama and demanding he stop lying about them. Why would Obama lie? Because that’s all he has done…

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One Response to Coal Miners Ask Obama “Why Would You Lie?”

  1. Jimmy Z says:

    Exactly! He didn’t lie – he told them exactly what he was going to do! Wake up, coal miners, your unions are selling you out!!

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