Proof you can’t be ‘born gay’

By Philip Irvine

The most effective, and I would argue the only, way to stop the homosexual political agenda is to direct discussions to a topic that homosexuals have successfully protected from public debate; whether people are “born gay.”

Many believe people are “born gay” – that there is some organic basis for homosexuality. Most people who believe this would not deny homosexuals “equal rights” – including marital rights – simply because of an accident of birth. Such people support homosexual objectives out of compassion; but this compassion too often has overridden their own theological beliefs and the time-tested Judeo-Christian principles upon which our country was founded.

The more we fight this compassionate response, the more unreasonable our efforts seem, and the more enraged these compassionate homosexual supporters become at our attempts. While we might gain temporary victories or even stop same-sex marriage for a season, our efforts only result in more anger produced and more determination developed to fulfill the desires of our “victims” – the victims who have (until now) effectively presented themselves as worthy of compassion. Ultimately, we cannot win because what we are fighting grows stronger the more we fight it. We can win the discussions and political debates easily, though, when the topic of “born gay” is effectively presented as a topic for public consideration.

If people really are “born gay,” the homosexual agenda makes sense (at least compassionate sense). If not, then all concessions made to homosexuals encourage people to follow the lifestyle. To make significant progress, we must address the original question of whether people really are “born gay.” If we succeed, we will then inherit the mantle of compassion as we help protect people from falsely believing they are homosexual.

This debate has been complicated by discussions of religion, morality or social good. While the “born-gay” thesis has huge political ramifications, it reverts to a scientific question. Further, by avoiding moral or religious positions on homosexuality, no valid objections can be raised against using this paper or similar material everywhere, even in public school classrooms.


The article, “Are people really ‘born gay’?”

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