Call of the Riled

The debates are over (and Hope n’ Change is quite happy with how they went) and people are casting early votes all over America. Which makes this a crucial time for all of us to step up and do more than just vote. And no, we don’t mean using the Democrat strategy of voting multiple times or doing the whole “Weekend at Bernie’s” thing by dragging corpses to the polling places.

Rather, you can multiply the value of your vote by volunteering to help Mitt Romney’s campaign reach undecided voters in the most crucial states. You can make phonecalls which can make a difference – or at least ruin a liberal’s day – either of which is a worthy goal!

Becoming a phonecaller for Mitt is as easy as going to this volunteer page which will walk you through the process.

Or if you prefer to keep things more informal and you have friends (or soon-to-be former friends) in key states, you can reach out to them personally over the phone, on Facebook, or other social media to encourage them to vote the right way. Especially if they don’t want all the horrible secrets you know about them blabbed all over those same social media!

By the way, don’t treat it as a bluff. If you know anyone voting for Obama, you should by all means post whatever pictures you have of them attending Tiajuana donkey shows or smoking weed with the “Choom Gang” in Hawaii. Hey, they’re willing to screw up our lives, so we might as well get some entertainment value out of seeing their lives thrown into chaos.

Seriously, we’re down to the final battle here – and it’s important that ALL of us do all we can. Cheering on the sidelines is great, but it’s not going to change the score. And this is one event that we have to win. So check out the volunteer opportunities in your state – because the more people we have working together, the easier it will be to finally – finally – take out the trash.

“Hi, Joyce! Listen, I know you’re a really big Obama supporter, but remember that picture you’ve been hoping would never get on the Internet…?”

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