Benghazi emails solid proof of cover-up – Worse Than Watergate, Lewinsky

Nixon resigned on August 9th, 1974 days before congress was set to vote on his impeachment. His crime? He had knowledge of an event involving five men that broke into the the DNC office, and was busted attempting to cover up that break-in. That was all it took.

First the Judiciary Committee hit him with obstruction of justice – voting 27 to 1 to proceed with impeachment, on those grounds. Next was abuse of power, and finally contempt of Congress.

Not one soul was hurt.

One of the email addresses that the message was sent to was the White House Situation Room, the president’s secure command post.

Now with that in mind, I wish someone would explain to me why the only person mentioning impeachable crimes here besides myself is Pamela Geller? People died, and the President Of The United States has been caught lying in a cover-up one thousand times worse that anything that Nixon did!

Surely to God these deaths, and the subsequent lies that followed are more serious than Clinton wetting his cigar in Monica Lewinsky?

Atlas Shrugs – More damning evidence of Obama’s impeachable crimes. The White House knew it was a jihadist attack two hours after Libya attack according to newly released emails.

Fox is reporting that a series of internal State Department emails shows “some of the initial assessments of last month’s deadly consulate attack in Libya, including one email within hours of the attack that noted that the group Ansar al Sharia had claimed responsibility. Ansar al Sharia has been declared by the State Department to be a an Al Qaeda-affiliated group.”

The White House and the State Department were told two hours after the attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, Libya, on September 11 that an Islamic jihadist group had claimed credit for the attack, official emails show… Keep Reading

Why hasn’t a Judiciary Committee been formed to investigate what the White House knew and when? It looks like most of the work has already been done for them.

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