Obama received an email informing him that terrorist were attacking our Benghazi consulate, and then hour after hour after hour passed while he did nothing!

I guess he didn’t see helping out as optimal to his campaign efforts.

All the while our ambassador was being drug out in the street, anally raped and then killed – along with two ex-Navy Seals (who just happened to be in the area) and one other.

Gateway Pundit:

** White House officials watched the terror strike live by unmanned Predator drone
** White House knew Al-Qaeda linked group was behind terror strike at 6:07 PM EST on 9-11
** An estimated 300 to 400 ‘national security figures’ received emails from Libya day of attack
** US Troops in Italy were not called in to rescue officials
** 200 attacks in Benghazi before 9-11
** The Obama Administration was concerned using troops from Italy would violate Libyan sovereignty

The US had troops in Sigonella, Italy – about an hour away.
The attack went on for at least four hours.

You will want to see the rest of this!

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  • rocksandbroncs

    Sorry, but I’m sick and tired of only being able to vent my righteous indignation. I WANT EFFIN’ ACTION by Romney’s DOJ. Primarily both Holder and PutzOTUS brought up on criminal charges including treason but I’m not excluding many other members of the executive branch either– EPA, TSA, DHS, etc.

    How does one go about getting a grassroots movement started to demand Romney take appropriate action? Am I dreaming? Are nameless, faceless, bureaucrats going to get away with the criminal again? I’M FURIOUS!

    And no disrespect but commenting on blogs is woefully inadequate and not even a solution. Justice (the rule of law) must prevail.