ROMNEY SIGN TORCHED – Sign burning in Leesburg considered arson

Those Obama people sure like to burn stuff…

WTOP – LEESBURG, Va. – It’s not unusual for campaign signs to be stolen or even destroyed during the course of a political campaign. But an incident early Monday morning, involving a sign burning, is now being called arson.

Libby Stevens put up her 4-foot-by-8-foot blue and white Mitt Romney sign when the candidate himself came to Leesburg last week. It was on her front lawn, inside her white picket fence. About 2 a.m. Monday someone set the plastic sign on fire.

Stevens says it was scary to look out the window to see flames leaping into the night.

“To come into someone’s gated fenced front yard and set something on fire? Something could have happened,” she says.

The Loudoun County Fire Department has classified the sign burning as arson, which in this case would be a misdemeanor. If a suspect is convicted he or she could face a year in jail and a big fine.


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