Breaking!: Another Grieving Benghazi Father Demands Answers From Obama: My Son ‘Dialed 911 for Help and They Wouldn’t Help’


Smith, a former U.S. Marine, like many Americans, is also angry over the lack of honesty and transparency from the Obama administration following the Benghazi attack. He reportedly reached out to Rep. C.W. Bill Young (R-Fla.) and asked for help in getting to the truth. The father found a willing ally.

“He wants answers. Just like the rest of the country,” said the Congressman.”They want to know why these American heroes were asking for help and being denied the help?”

Smith had reportedly been estranged from his son for more than 10 years, but the dad was trying to reach out to his son before he was killed. “I was trying hard,” he said.

However, some good may come out of this unthinkable tragedy. Smith plans to connect with other family members in California, including Sean’s two children — his grandchildren.

“I loved my son very much,” said Smith. “He was extremely intelligent. And he did not deserve this.”

Ray Smith’s son may get permanent memorial at the Bay Pines V.A. Hospital, according to Young… Keep Reading

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