Rumors of General Officers Arrested, Relieved, or Resigning in Protest


We’ve received many emails over the last week or so from readers asking us to get to the bottom of this situation/rumors du jour…I’m not sure that we can actually do that quickly, but here is what we’ve been hearing…

First of all, over the last week there have been many reports that the AFRICOM commander, GEN Carter Ham, had been arrested by his second in command and relieved of command. The reasoning in several articles from journalists and bloggers is that GEN Ham was ready to violate a do-not-assist order with regards to Benghazi. I would think that there are too many people who would know about this that could keep an event like that as quiet as it seems to have been kept.

GEN Ham, with 42 years under his belt, could actually retire TOMORROW, and we should see what he has to say when he retires. Since the announcement of his being replaced, GEN Ham has been seen speaking at several functions. Hardly the position of someone who was arrested for insubordination…or as some are suggesting, the leader of a coup. But it is possible that he was removed for violating orders in a manner without arrest.

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