Black Panthers Back In Ohio – Navy SEALs heading to Ohio, Pa. to guard against voter intimidation…


Other report now indicate that former Navy SEALs are on their way to help guard against this voter intimidation.

Oh my. RT @ToddKincannon: Rumor is that Navy SEALs from @TrueTheVote are about to confront the Black Panthers at the Philly polling location—Lachlan Markay (@lachlan) November 06, 2012

Evidently, Fox News is confirming. Heard on Fox news that Former Navy Seals @ polling places to make sure people are not being intimated…GO VOTE—Armybratt1 (@jilllane) November 06, 2012

NAVY SEALS to confront Black Panthers at polling places—jeanne kelley (@jkellone) November 06, 2012

Special Forces in Ohio, Navy Seals in Philly to keep Black Panthers from harming & Intimidating Voters. What’s THAT tell you America?—Terri (@Diggin_Digital) November 06, 2012

BREAKING! SEALS have arrived at polling places in Phillie where Black Panthers are intimidating voters! God bless our Navy SEALs! #Romney—(@dq24) November 06, 2012

Democrats bring in the UN and the Black Panthers to watch the polls. Republicans bring in the Navy SEALs. #Merica—Tyler Hunter (@tylerhunter23) November 06, 2012

Black Panther at door of Philly polling place.Ret Navy Seals say they will be there to insure voters get to vote.Rem O & Holder upheld this!—RealTexasRodeoQueen (@reltxrodeoqueen) November 06, 2012

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