Judge Orders Pro-Obama Mural Be Covered Up at Philly Polling Station


The Blaze – Pennsylvania has become a hot-bed of electoral controversy, as numerous polling-related issues have been reported. TheBlaze covered the New Black Panthers’ presence at the same polling location they attended back in 2008. And there was also a judge’s order to reinstate Republican election officials who were purportedly kicked out by Democrats. And now —there’s a photo floating around social media of a Philadelphia polling station with a massive pro-Obama mural (one that a judge has now reportedly ordered be covered up for the duration of the election).##### The image, which is apparently directly behind the voting machines at Franklin Elementary School (Philadelphia’s Ward 35), is allegedly positioned in such a way that those waiting to vote are looking directly at it. The giant mural, an image of which quickly spread across Twitter, shows the president holding a microphone along with the words “hope” and “change.” A quote from Obama is also included… http://www.theblaze.com/stories/judge-reportedly-orders-pro-obama-mural-be-covered-up-at-philly-polling-station/

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