Chris Matthews’ Bizarre Queer Talk: Christie ‘Found Love Outside of Marriage’ With Obama

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Much furor has surrounded New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie’s favorable comments about President Barack Obama in the wake of Hurricane Sandy. Considering the Republican’s endorsement and support of Mitt Romney, these positive accolades so close to the election raised some eyebrows. Tonight, MSNBC’s Chris Matthews seized upon the scenario, issuing an odd same-sex marriage quip and delving into some bizarre analysis.

“We know the Republicans generally, according to their platform, don’t believe in same-sex marriage,” Matthews proclaimed, clearly attempting to setup a joke of sorts. “But I think the decision by Romney to leave Chris Christie at the altar was the most devastating decision they made.”

Matthews continued, highlighting his belief that Romney’s decision not to select Christie as his vice-presidential nominee has led to estrangement between the two parties.

“The fact that he thought he was going to be running mate and at the last minute that he wasn’t — maybe didn’t find out the right way — maybe he was left at the altar…and he found love outside of marriage with the president,” he continued. ”If he was really married to Mitt Romney, we wouldn’t have seen that dance of death last week that really may have put this election back on track for Obama…”

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