America Has Embraced Communism!

The takers now outnumber the makers…

I wounder how bad it will get before these poor dumb people realize their mistake?

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3 Responses to America Has Embraced Communism!

  1. KVoter says:

    Interestingly enough…. the red states are the takers and the blue states are the makers… in general anyway.

  2. Jimmy Z says:

    Patriot, we’ve had much higher tax rates than that. We can survive, we can turn this around. But the time that Obama losers will realize they’ve blown it is when Mom or Dad is condemned to die by a death panel, when they’re told that there is no money for the 85 year old to get this, that, or the other treatment. Eyes will then be opened.

  3. PatriotUSA says:

    Welcome the USAistan, people.

    Sweden has found out that a tax rate of 49% is NOT enough. This is where we are headed.

    To HELL with Obama, commie, socialist, mussie sympathizing POS traitor and all of you who voted for him. At least we have very little left the gov’t can take away.

    They will be coming for me and you as obama and his satanic ilk have vowed REVENGE upon us.

    A second revolution IS COMING, whether it is my remaining lifetime remains to be seen.

    Blood will stain the ground at some point and it will be from coast to coast.

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