What I said about Mitt Romney – Posted on March 30, 2012

March 30, 2012

Rush Limbaugh reads letter from friend who is dumbfounded that Romney will be the nominee

Rush reads an email that pretty much sums up exactly how I feel about the election process this year.

“Dumbfounded and astonished that Romney might win the nomination,” I am right there with you buddy.

People YOU (NOT ME) screwed up when you didn’t nominate Michele Bachmann! I will never forgive you dipshits for falling for the old “we have to have a moderate” to win lie.

Romney will lose like John McCain because he will fail to excite the conservative base, and YOU WILL BE THE CAUSE OF ANOTHER FOUR YEARS OF OBAMA.


Here is the Youtube video description:

If the establishment GOP would only listen. THIS is why we don’t want your RINO as our nominee! The tea party busted their asses to GIVE the house back to that RINO BOEHNER, and almost all the Senate and WHAT DO WE GET.


Here is John McCain and Romney being what they are — RINOs who will always lose to a liberal opponent because they are so much like them they can draw no contrast.

Conservatives stay home when you run a moderate.

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7 Responses to What I said about Mitt Romney – Posted on March 30, 2012

  1. Jimmy Z says:

    The fact is that moderates suck. And another fact is that conservatives, during the primaries, split their votes and did not get behind ONE conservative, and ended up letting Romney slide through.

    It’s over now. We move forward. We work harder. We expose more of Obama to more people, and we never, EVER skip the chance to tell a liberal, “I told you so!”

    • Antony says:

      The trouble is a slim majority in America now are so indoctrinated that they will keep on voting liberal socialist even though those policies are destroying their lives and their country. Just look at Europe. The liberals hatred of conservatism which has been permanently drilled into them by the educational establishments they attended and the television they watch, will keep them voting insanely.

      The only answer is for the productive conservative side of America to demand that the nation be split and all those so eager to live under a liberal socialist government be forced to choose what side they want to live under and basically sod off to their new bankrupt moraless society if they do reject conservatism.

  2. Antony says:

    Wrong. This is my take on why Obama won again.

    We possibly may have reached the point when the Republicans in America just cannot win elections because the Democrats benefit massively from the huge propagandizing machine that is the mainstream media, biased polling companies that are fixing their results to artificially create momentum shifts to the advantage of Democrats, and the ongoing demographic changes.

    If the productive side of America – predominately conservatives – can no longer influence who runs their nation, and the unproductive side – predominately Democrat liberals – continue to exist based only on the leeching off of the productive efforts of conservatives, then we will have a new American civil war. Unfortunately for liberals, the military is overwhelmingly supportive of conservatism.

    It does not matter what Republican candidate we choose because it is virtually impossible to overcome the staggering amount of propaganda which is pouring out of mainstream television in America. And lets not forget the US education system which is indoctrinating millions of children into a liberal way of thinking every decade.

    • BC says:

      Ronald Reagan won against the liberal media and wih SNL bashing him even before talk radio, Fox News and conservative bloggers. He did it on his own by having a clear conservative message…

      We don’t need a civil war…

      What we need is like JZ keeps saying, a spiritual (come to Jesus) revival with a Reagan like leader spearheading it.

      • Antony says:

        Ronald Reagan was a one off amazing candidate. He might have experienced a liberal bias against him but it’s all a question of degree and whether or not you have a population that is receptive to the propaganda. IMO, the mainstream media bias has reached such an unprecedented level that it is staggeringly more problematic to Republicans today. And worse still, the level of indoctrination of young people especially means that anything even slightly considered conservative is absolutely demonized. Republicans could have fielded just about anyone and that candidate would have lost.

        And the chances of a new civil war is very likely because the nation has become incredibly polarized, and a fight over money, wealth and power can really cause people to take up arms. It’s not what I want – I’m British, so what do I really care – but I certainly understand human nature.

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