RINOS Are The Reason We Lost – The Fix “THE TEAPARTY PRIMARY”

We don’t need a third party – we now have a chance for the Teaparty to take over the GOP…

The last two elections have proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that lukewarm RINO republicans cannot beat liberals. That is settled – done! Never to be brought up for discussion again.

In 2008 Republican Party was finished. It was laid up on life support dying, gasping for air, and it’s heart was starting to quiver. Then along came the Teaparty — the “sleeping giant” woke up.

At that point we had a choice to make. We could start a new party, or try to revive the dead Republican Party.  The Teaparty hooked up the defibrillator, and the rest is history.

Later,  the  Teaparty vote was split in the presidential primaries.  Fired up conservatives ended up with the candidate with the smallest block of supporters – Romney. That tiny little group of defeated GOP RINOS  weaseled their way back in control despite the will of the masses.

This can’t happen again.  What we need is a way to both vet the Teaparty hopefuls, and consolidate support behind them BEFORE the House, Senate and Presidential primaries.

We need to have a formal Teaparty primary before the primary.

  • It would eliminate embarrassing nut-jobs.
  • The full backing of the Teaparty would be used against the establishment GOP candidate.
  • Not one dime of support from the Teaparty for someone trying to bypass this process.
  • When it was over, if the GOP guy won we would go on and vote for them.


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