When going through the list of blogs at Conservative Blogs Central, I only found one with an Obama won dear John; however, looking them over was still depressing.

These are all people who were interested in trying to make a difference at one time. They all sent me a request asking that I add them to the Conservative Blogs Central blogs page, but most of them have since quit blogging.

I would say that only 30% of them posted a blog this month. The rest fell out at various times, but the biggest part of them lost interest after the primary.

I think that this explains the 3 million republicans that didn’t vote. They didn’t like Mitt.

They were fired up enough to start a blog, but they couldn’t stomach pounding out a blog for Mitt Romney. I don’t know for sure if it was because he was a Mormon, or because he was a moderate.

I suspect both…

What we can do with this info, is make damn sure that no RINOs enter the 2014 elections.

I don’t care what Ericka Erickson says.

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