Breitbart “War” – Mid-term election: Senate seats up for grabs in 2014

I don’t normally take an entire post from another blog, but this needs to be shared. Taking back the Senate would go a long way to minimize the damage that is sure to be done by Obama.

H/T Conservative Daily News

States to watch in 2014

  • North Carolina went Republican for the 2012 Presidential election, 2012 Gubernatorial election and 2010 State House and Senate races which means a wave of conservatism may sweep the Tarheel state.
  • West Virginia went for Mitt Romney in 2012, but Jay Rockefeller soundly won his seat in 2008
  • Al Franken barely (by recount and questionable practices) took Minnesota 42-42%. Without the Obama coattails, a Presidential election year and straight-party voting, Franken may have had his last laugh
  • Colorado was a 9 point race in 2008 between Mark Udall(D) and Bob Schaffer(R). Colorado could be a place to pick up a seat with the right ground game.
  • Alaska was razor close in 2008 – this one should be takeable in a mid-term election
  • Kentucky could be an issue. Mitch McConnell’s has an image issue with moderates as an obstructionist – his win wasn’t by a massive margin in 2008
  • Louisiana was a close win for Dems in 2008 – LA went GOP in the presidential race and without Obama’s train blowing through – Landrieu could be beat

2014 Senate Seats in-play

State Incumbent Party Status
Alabama Jeff Sessions Republican
Alaska Mark Begich Democratic running
Arkansas Mark Pryor Democratic running
Colorado Mark Udall Democratic
Delaware Chris Coons Democratic
Georgia Saxby Chambliss Republican running
Idaho Jim Risch Republican running
Illinois Richard Durbin Democratic
Iowa Tom Harkin Democratic
Kansas Pat Roberts Republican running
Kentucky Mitch McConnell Republican running
Louisiana Mary Landrieu Democratic running
Maine Susan Collins Republican
Massachusetts John Kerry Democratic running
Michigan Carl Levin Democratic
Minnesota Al Franken Democratic
Mississippi Thad Cochran Republican
Montana Max Baucus Democratic running
Nebraska Mike Johanns Republican
New Hampshire Jeanne Shaheen Democratic running
New Jersey Frank Lautenberg Democratic
New Mexico Tom Udall Democratic
North Carolina Kay Hagan Democratic
Oklahoma Jim Inhofe Republican
Oregon Jeff Merkley Democratic
Rhode Island Jack Reed Democratic
South Carolina Lindsey Graham Republican
South Dakota Tim Johnson Democratic
Tennessee Lamar Alexander Republican running
Texas John Cornyn Republican
Virginia Mark Warner Democratic
West Virginia Jay Rockefeller Democratic
Wyoming Mike Enzi Republican

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