Allen West Recount Update

Capitalist Preservation – This is an update on the status of the congressional election in Florida between Congressman Allen West, running for reelection in a newly created district, and challenger Patrick Murphy. As it stands it would appear that Murphy has defeated West by a count of 2400 votes, but there are some details yet to be accounted for by the Board of Elections.

…here’s the bottom line- the Palm Beach County Supervisor of Elections has finished its canvassing, having counted all of the absentee and provisional ballots this past Friday. The conclusion- West is down by about 2400 votes cumulatively across the congressional district. The Martin County Supervisor of Elections has also accounted for all of their ballots, and there appears that there is no issue there…

That would seem to close the door on West, but that still might not be accurate.

…The last possibility for West’s chances lies with the St. Lucie County Supervisor of Elections, who is dragging their feet in releasing the Voter sign-in rolls. West’s campaign is requesting these rolls in order to compare them with the actual votes cast. So far, the SOE is saying that they are not all tallied and is currently working on accounting for all of the sign-in rolls.

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