‘I Am Not In Love With David Petraeus’ – Paula Broadwell Interview (Video)

Good grief! What a complete skank! About halfway through the interview you learn that she has two small children at home, plus made she a cheesy portrait of him that Patraeus’s wife had the  misfortune of having to see – “not in love with him” my foot.

I guess she married?

SavageNationClips – “The woman who had an affair with David Petraeus denied she was in love with him in a bizarre interview she gave in the midst of their fling.
Speaking in an interview while promoting her book in February, Paula Broadwell said without prompting: ‘I am not in love with David Petraeus’, in what was something of a Freudian slip.
By that stage their affair was around five months having started when he became head of the CIA in September last year. It ended around July, according to reports.

In the interview Broadwell, who is married with two young sons, revealed that she had sent Petraeus’ wife Holly a copy of her her fawning biography of her husband – and claimed that she loved it.
Broadwell, 40, also revealed for the first time the extent of the access that he gave her, including private papers going back 30 years.

The disclosure could reignite the debate about what information she was given access to.
If Petraeus, 60, was prepared to show her his intimate correspondence with mentors then he may have allowed her to see classified information too.

Controversially, Broadwell even claims that it was Petraeus’ idea, and not hers, to turn her dissertation project on military leadership into the book it became: ‘All In: The Education Of General David Petraeus.’

The interview was carried out by Arthur Kade, a former financial advisor turned humanitarian who also conducts celebrity interviews.”

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