Mark Levin Destroys John Boehner Speaking To The Heritage Foundation

The “Great One” Mark Levin in discussing how to move forward with Obama’s Marxist anti-constitution government tears into the slow witted House embarrassment John Boehner.

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Heritage Foundation – We are honored to host talk radio legend Mark Levin for a post-election analysis, where he can provide his unique insights on what the results mean for our constitutional republic. With his famous candor and frank opinions, we will pick his brain on how the results likely will be translated into policy and action. There will be no shortage of colorful commentary, as Mark Levin sits down to discuss the issues with former Attorney General Ed Meese in the aftermath of what promises to be an historic election. Did liberty or tyranny prevail at the ballot box? Does Obamacare have a chance of being repealed? How will the results affect the economy and jobs? What judges will be appointed in the next presidential term? Join us as we explore all of these questions and more from this beloved commentator of news and political events… Keep Reading

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