Near Perfect Ignorance From Romney Adviser: We Lost Because Far Right Has Taken Party to Place It Doesn’t Belong

Nooooo, you dumb bastard. The GOP was dead!!! Liberals had defeated the lukewarm establishment Mitt Romney type RINOS in ALL THREE BRANCHES OF GOVERNMENT. Liberals controlled the WHITE HOUSE, SENATE AND THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES. It was the “FAR RIGHT” (NORMAL Americans) who rose up and took back the House.

Mitt Romney lost because he was just another establishment RINO GOP puke shoved down true conservative’s (NORMAL Americans) throats.

This defeat was predicted by almost every Teaparty person (NORMAL Americans) during the primaries.

Jim Hoft  (Gateway Pundit) – Carlos Gutierrez, adviser to Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign, said Sunday he was “shocked” by Romney’s comments this week on minorities.

“I think we lost the election because the far right of this party has taken the party to a place that it doesn’t belong.” Keep Reading


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