Screw Susan Rice – Obama Is On Film Telling The Same Lie!

Susan Rice, Susan Rice – Why are we even bringing up her name when they have Obama – ON FILM – TIME AFTER TIME – telling the Youtube video lie?

Rice might have done the same thing, but who cares? If Obama is impeached for lying to the American people, she will just go away anyway.

Dang people! You have Obama by the balls, start squeezing!


The Blaze – Friday’s testimony by former CIA chief David Petraeus put renewed scrutiny on the talking points delivered by U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Susan Rice following the September 11 Benghazi attacks on a U.S. consulate. On Friday, Petraeus reportedly said that the CIA knew right away what happened in Benghazi was a terror attack. This revelation contradicts the statements made by Rice on several Sunday news talk shows in the weeks following the attack where she said what happened was a protest to an amateur Youtube film insulting Islam. Many Republicans questioned Rice’s statements when they were first made, and now with the latest testimony from Petraeus, Republicans are calling for Rice to testify on the talking points which she is yet to repudiate.

On “Real News” Monday the panel discussed Rice’s remarks, and whether it is possible that information and talking poins given to her from intelligence agencies regarding Benghazi was amended for political reasons before she went in front of the American people on television. The panel also discussed the questionable motivations of President Barack Obama in his vociferous defense of Rice, and rumors circulating that she is his top pick to be the next secretary of state. Is the president attempting to incite the GOP with her nomination that could come at the expense of security?

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  1. Jimmy Z says:

    The problem is that no impeachment leads to conviction with the Senate in Democrat hands. I told people that the tea party wasn’t evident, and sure enough, we LOST ground in both houses of Congress.

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