RUSH LIMBAUGH: Speaks On Extremely White Debbie Wasaman Schultz Moving Heaven And Earth To Defeat (Black) Allen West And Mia Love

You can’t get anymore white than this!

RUSH: Now, all fine and good until you realize that this woman’s party moved heaven and earth to defeat African-American Mia Love, African-American Allen West, and replace them with white men. So the hypocrisy is rich. I don’t want to offend any of you independents or moderates by being critical here, but Wasserman Schultz runs around talking about “look at how diverse we are.” And they’re not about diversity. They are about liberalism.

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    Her picture should have a nasty eye leach warning or something, BC.

    I really hate her and she is a poster idiot for everything wrong with our Republic.

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      They suffer from some sort of mental disorder. ..